Thursday, 8 May 2014

Can you help???

Fascinating project in the pipeline.  Unfortunately I'm not right for it - in fact I'm probably exactly what it DOESN'T need - I'm the cause of jealousy! :)

Anyway, I'm not sure if any of my readers would be interested in either taking part, or know someone who would be happy talking about their extreme jealousy, and what they are doing about it.  

The details are below:-

We are working on a project for Channel 4 about morbid jealousy and the effect it has on couples. We would like to speak to people in the UK involved in relationships that are blighted by this condition, which is sometimes called the Othello Syndrome. Perhaps this is triggered by an affair and the couple are trying to rebuild trust - but finding it hard - or a mental illness; paranoia, insecurity, psychosis. We are looking for people who're constantly checking mobile phones, emails and social media for clues of infidelity or another 'issue'. Perhaps people use lie detectors or other technology in a desperate bid to restore trust. They recognise this is a problem and want to do something about it, to move forward.
We would like to find out the effect this is having on relationships and would like to talk to both partners to find out how each is affected by the jealousy. 
The company making the film is the highly respected factual programme maker Screenhouse, based in Leeds. We make high quality, sensitive, non-sensational films. For further information and examples of work please go to

I am keen to reach out to as many people as possible to her their experiences of this and wonder if you can help in anyway. Do you know anyone who might be prepared to speak to us? Please get in touch for a no obligation, confidential chat.

Feel free to comment (privately) or contact me, and I will of course pass on your details to the company involved.  Your details, comments or stories will be treated in the strictest confidence. 

Thanks folks 

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Can it help?

Interview with Andrew Peach on BBC Berkshire with me and Mike Taylor - can it ever help a relationship?

BBC Berkshire with Andrew Peach

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Celibacy - could you???

I had a fabulous chat with the wonderful Adrian Goldberg on BBC WM yesterday discussing celibacy and could we live without sex.  The ex wife of Chris Tarrant, Ingrid, talked openly about sex, or her choice not to have sex, since her split with her husband seven years ago.  I have to admit, she sounded more like a single woman with a desire to find the right man rather than a celibate woman, but hey, we've all been single and gone without for a while - I'm not sure that makes us celibate.

Anyway, the whole interview is available here for the next six days.  Catch a listen and see what you think.  Could you live without sex?

BBC WM Ingrid Tarrant and Adrian Goldberg

Friday, 18 April 2014

TFM and Metro Radio interview

Hope you all enjoy it :)

Friday, 10 May 2013


Very interesting interview with Lorraine and Aled on the Daybreak sofa, with Marilyn Stowe, divorce lawyer.  Of course she only sees the fall out, because the relationships repaired don't end up in front of a solicitor.  What a shame she wouldn't listen to the teeny tiny possibility that an affair could help!!

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Busy week.....

The new year has started with a very busy week.

Monday saw me heading down to London to do Daybreak at stupid o'clock in the morning!  Pretty good fun but gutted I didn't get to meet Louie Spence! :)

You can still catch the interview here - for the next few days - if you can tolerate a few adverts.  I'm on at 1hr 28m through the show.  Feel free to let me know what you think :)

Happy New Year....

Happy New Year to all my followers - and sorry it has been so quiet on here.  Volunteers to slap my bum will be appreciated :)

My new years resolution is to write more on here, so fingers crossed it will be more than links and more than waffle!! :)

Have a fabulous 2013 everyone xxxxx

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Inside Out...

The link to the BBC Inside Out programme aired last night.  And I only had a couple of nasty messages, things are obviously improving lol

Monday, 22 October 2012

Last chance to listen to the interview I did about on Radio Tees.  A very interesting debate about the destructive nature of the site, and how affairs don't have to blow your world apart.

Saturday, 22 September 2012


Here is a link to the article I did for the Daily Express yesterday.

What do you think is the perfect amount?  Is 30+ too many?  Is 2 too few?  I don't think I know anyone who has had less than 20 :)

What is your magic number?  And do you regret it or embrace it?

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Andrew Marr....

Tut tut Andrew, at it again!  Proving my point though, once a cheat - always a cheat, or every man will take the opportunity if it's presented to him at the right time.

Anyway, we were discussing this on the Mike Parr show on Radio Tees yesterday morning.  And also debating the question - 'Is sorry every enough?'

Andrew Marr's wife is incredibly upset with him, understandably, but will his 'Sorry I was drunk' comment cure all?  They have a forced separation for a week or two due to his work commitments, will that help or hinder the crisis?  Who knows.  But all men in the public eye should really sort themselves out and stop being so bloody indiscreet!

Men! :)

Here's the link to my interview with Mike, and the lovely Rosie Freeman-Jones was on before me too.

On from about 34 mins into the show.  Rosie starts about 20 mins in.

Enjoy  xx

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

This Morning....

I had the pleasure of debating the subject of cheating with Emiliana Silvestre on This Morning, with the lovely Eammon and Ruth.  Emiliana has written a book - 101 Ways to keep a man and claims that even a serial cheat or player can be converted if he's in the perfect relationship, with the right woman.  The debate raised the question of 'Once a cheat, always a cheat' following the revelations in the press recently about Grant Bovey and Anthea Turner.

So, do you believe a cheat will always cheat?  Or can he/she be changed into the epitome of monogamy with the right person?  Emiliana says the woman should make the effort to prevent him from straying, and in some respects I agree with her.  I've always advocated wives should try harder and their husbands would (possibly) not cheat if they are happier - however, the thought of constantly trying would be exhausting.  Should a woman really spend her life 'preventing' an affair rather than trusting her man?  As far as I'm concerned, and from experience and research, I genuinely believe men, given the right opportunity, will always cheat.

Anyway, you can check out the show on This Morning Cheating Debate.  We are on from 45 mins.  Enjoy.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Female First....

The Diary of a Mistress is going really well on the Female First website.  It is also on the Malextra site, so guys can read the female perspective on infidelity - and how we think after dates, good and bad.  I'm enjoying writing for them, however, my blog is suffering, but don't worry, there will be more appearing here soon :)  Watch this space...

You can catch my latest Female First part here:

I can't quite believe it is up to Part 8 already :)  

Yay!!! :) 

Hope you're enjoying reading it xx